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Achieve clinical levels of sanitisation
Scientifically proven to destroy coronavirus

THOR UVC® can terminally disinfect an average size bedroom/patient room in less than 10 minutes. Contact us today to see the clinically proven power of THOR or watch our virtual online demo (watch our video below).


UVC total reassurance

Fast and effective

THOR UVC® is proven to kill infectious pathogens such as Coronavirus, Ebola, MRSA, Enterococcus, Norovirus, VRE, CRE, MERS, E.coli, Acinetobacter and C.difficile and more over a rapid kill cycle.

The THOR Robot is completely mobile, making it perfect for disinfecting offices, shops, salons, surgeries, warehouses and factories, toilets and vehicles. Suitable for disinfecting all accessible venues including the smallest of spaces.

THOR UVC® securing your working environment

The new post COVID-19 environment must demonstrate a clean, safe and infection free to put the needs and requirements of every business, its staff and its clients and customer first. Being proactive in this department is no longer a nicety but an absolute necessity.


The best commercial atmosphere can only ever be present in the cleanest safest environment.

Imagine the consequences if your business was forced to close due to an outbreak of corona virus being traced back to your premises.

Our service allows you to carry on trading with confidence knowing that the remarkable power of THOR has been at work to kill the Coronavirus. After full disinfection we provide you with detailed disinfection reports and certificate to show your customers that you are taking the most powerful action to create the safest environment for them.


This invisible killer can be destroyed and broken down in just a number of minutes by the awesome power of our THOR robot.

It’s up to you to make sure that you have the cleanest and safest environments for your front line staff and customers alike.

You want your customers to see that you are assuring them that you have taken a proactive approach to their safety and well being. They need to be assured that you are looking after them in every way possible.

THOR UVC® technology

Power is everything

More power, shadow reduction and precise room dimensioning.

THOR UVC® is the only system available in the world today that offers these three key critical elements. Power is everything when terminally cleaning a space, without this proximity to surfaces and time to treat are simply not effective on their own.


THOR UVC® is the most powerful UVC system available it is fully validated, independently tested and can achieve significant log reductions of all known pathogens, including Coronavirus. Terminally disinfecting guest rooms, toilets and all communal areas, with THOR UVC® provides the ideal solution.

Shadow reduction

Most UVC systems cause shadowed areas, this is due to their large bases and also as the lamps are fixed in a static position. THOR UVC® is unique, the lamps go right from floor to ceiling, as it raises robotically to more than 2 meters. This ensures that even hard to reach areas receive greater direct UVC light and therefore kill and eradicate pathogens quicker.

Room scanning

THOR UVC® takes the guess work out of everything for the operator. It does a total of 3 room scans, maps and then plans the treatment cycle time for you. Content within a room is important for validation of efficacy and UVC® is unique in recognising this and automatically adjusts its parameters to compensate for this. At the end of the treatment cycle a report is automatically generated for audit trail purposes.

Convenience and versatility

THOR UVC® conveniently configures to facilitate terminal disinfection in confined areas with demanding needs such as store rooms and toilets.


SAFER than alternative treatments as no room sealing is required, no dangerous gases are introduced. Other safety features include automatic cut off sensor, no residue, no chemicals and no toxicity.

BETTER than existing UVC systems due to the shadow reduction technology, auto height adjustment, higher UVC output and full LIDAR room scan technology.

FASTER than existing room disinfection systems due to the use of UVC rather than gas.

MORE ECONOMICAL than alternative room disinfection systems.

MOST POWERFUL UVC ROBOT on the market. The bulb used have been proven to kill COVID-19, and we have 24 of them in one THOR UVC®

POSITIVE MARKETING and advertising to show that you are Investing significantly in the safety and well being of your clients and staff.

THOR UVC® sales

For clients with larger premises or more acute needs, it could be beneficial to purchase THOR UVC® outright or through our finance options.  In doing so you would have the most powerful and up-to-date  UVC robot protecting your business, staff and clients on a constant basis.

Operating THOR UVC®  is very straightforward and wonderfully easy to use.  Using one of the pre-installed supplied tablets (two provided with each THOR UVC® purchase), operating is as easy as setting up a new photocopier or printer as THOR UVC® does all of the work for you – you just have to put it to the room that want treating.

With its advanced LIDAR system, each room is scanned with no input from the operator. Once the treatment is completed, you are notified on the tablet that you can now enter the room, but with THOR UVC® unique safety features, you do not have to worry about THOR UVC® being in the way of staff as it will detect movement and instantly shut down.

Whether you purchase or take advantage of our sanitisation service we are constantly on hand to help.

Our UVC disinfection service

Our service includes:

  • Two fully trained THOR UVC® operatives for each client visit
  • Additional handheld UVC units to give assurance for the hard to reach areas
  • Emailed reports showing the scan of coverage
  • Some rooms may require more than one cycle in a visit to ensure full coverage

THOR UVC® in action

An operator pushes THOR UVC® system into the room. Power is connected to the mains. The operator leaves the room and operates THOR via the wireless control tablet. A very straightforward and safe procedure.

Where to use THOR UVC®

There are no restrictions to where THOR UVC® can be used. With a small wheel base, the size of a wheel chair, THOR can be utilised inside ambulances, class rooms, shops, warehouses, hotels, Care Homes – in fact all types of workplaces.

Using THOR UVC® gives your premises a clean bill of health.

Cleaning with UVC

Your cleaning options

Cleaning does not kill always germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.

If a surface may have gotten the virus on it from a person with or suspected to have COVID-19, the surface should be cleaned and disinfected. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces.

Manual cleaning
  • 50% Hospital surfaces untouched during  manual cleaning
  • Does not address bacterial resistance
  • Approximate room downtime: 2 Hours
Hydrogen peroxide gas
  • Time consuming, requires deep clean beforehand and requires rooms to be offline to air out post decontamination
  • Approximate room downtime: 5 Hours

UV light disinfection options

Ultraviolet (UV) is one of three invisible light rays (A, B & C). UVC is the most dangerous but also the most successful as it destroys harmful micro-organisms on surfaces and in the air. UVC wavelength is also used for disinfecting water and sterilising surfaces.

What does UV light do?

UVC damages the protein structure causing metabolic disruption.

At 264nm Peak Germicidal Efficiency occurs and DNA is chemically altered so organisms can no longer replicate and therefore can no longer cause infection or the spread of infection.


How safe is THOR UVC®?

THOR UVC® is the safest UVC robot on the market. Our safety features include:

Automatic cut off when the room is entered

  • No residue
  • No chemicals
  • No toxicity

With two operatives with each visit your room is also guarded so that no-one can ‘sneak a peak’ although we will happily show them how it works through a window as it is safe to watch through glass.

Can be THOR UVC® be used on all types of surfaces?

Yes. A couple of key points:

  • The light doesn’t penetrate through glass so you can see the machine working but the UVC will not be effective the other side.
  • UVC can be used on fabrics, carpets, curtains. We suggest shutting curtains and blinds to allow the UVC to reach as many areas as possible.
  • Pulling furniture slightly away from the walls will allow for better reflective light to hit the surfaces behind.
Will using THOR UVC® damage my possessions?

Organic matter, such as plants and flowers, should be taken out of the room before using THOR UVC®. We will also need to know if Beeswax has been used in the room as it can slightly discoloured with the use of UVC. We would also ask for antique paintings to be removed for safety.

No structural damage but plastic items may discolour if UVC is used over a period of 10 years

UVC is safe to use on fabrics, metals, woods and other materials.

How often should THOR UVC™ be used?

This will depend on many factors. As we leave the room you know that it has received a terminal dose of UVC so it will depend on the rooms future usage. 

It may be a treatment that you require weekly, monthly or yearly as part of a business continuity plan or it may be as and when you are concerned about exposure to pathogens that may be in the room following a local outbreak.

Can THOR UVC® be used in all room types?

Yes. When booking we do ask questions about the access to the room(s). THOR UVC® is the same wheel base size as a standard wheelchair and our operators will have lifting facilities to take THOR UVC® up a flight of stairs.

Wherever people have been we say THOR UVC® can go from hall ways, hotel rooms, lifts, class rooms, even public toilets.


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